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Me, Samantha and Finniette are in the library looking for playboys books. All of a sudden, I bump into this beautiful blonde lady..


Alexander, Samantha & Finniette are looking for pornographic books in the library. Alexander sees a section saying "Adults" and then the gang comes to the section and Samantha finds one just for Alex to turn him on at. Once Alexander pulled a book out from the shelf, He suddenly saw a woman's face behind the shelf; Making Alexander surprised. He then asks Finniette if she knows that woman and Finniette solely does know who she is. That's Vanessa Johnson, Cousin of Finniette. So Alexander decides to approach Vanessa and Alexander asks her if she needed help looking for books. He then asks if she liked porn and Vanessa gave a positive answer and Alexander was happy. Him and his babes then got excited knowing Vanessa. After the talk, He then asks Vanessa if she wants to hang with the 4G1G. Vanessa said "I'd love to".


  • When Alexander mentioned "Daisy", He was talking about "Daisy Dingo" from the cartoon "Blinky Bill".
  • This episode revealed how Finniette had a cousin.
  • This episode takes place on November 17th, 2019.
  • This is the final episode to have Samantha being voiced by Alexander Mortensen.