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Widenar O. Glover is a one of a kind child who has a whole lot of creativity. He also makes friends really well like he made to Felicia, Elijah, Natalie, Miles, Classic, Ruby and others. He also loves to draw people he loves.


  • Ever since Kody started admiring Widenar, he went to make out with Kody more often than anyone of the Jungle Forest gang.
  • Widenar prefers baths more than taking showers to get cleaned up the way kids do.
  • Widenar attempts to be like ones especially around the Jungle Forest that behave maturely, just like Hashbrown. Of course, both of them are sensitive and offendable, but it's worth a try for them to increase their maturity.


Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Loves: His parents, his brother, Kody, Hashbrown, Summer, Naomi, Kristine, Ruthie, Pizza, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Goldfish Crackers

Hates: Live Action Films, Losing His Favorite/Important/Valuable stuff, Getting exposed

Favorite Season: Autumn

Voiced by: Alexander Mortensen (2018-2020), Juli DePallo (2020-), Dan P. Lyons (in other media)

Desired Voice: Haley Reinhart

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 9

  • Randomness 7 (Cameo/Debut/Silent)

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 2

  • Samantha

Season 4

  • Adoption
  • Classic's Belated Birthday
  • Fund Critique

Season 5

Season 8

Season 9

  • Frosty

Other Cartoon Appearances