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This is a back story on how I met Samantha in 2018.


In the beginning, Alexander & Olivia get livid to each other and fight. After they fought, Olivia leaves Alexander without a care for Alex. Alexander plans finding another woman after he recorded his "Video Dating Tape". So it was Samantha who got that tape that was by her door. So he put the tape into her VCR and Alexander tells about himself in the dating tape. After he did, The phone number is on the screen and Samantha calls it in.


  • This episode takes place in May 7th, 2018.
  • There are flashbacks from cartoons The Exploder, Down in 02657, Rumpus, Rescuing Samantha, Kick It, and Tantrum.
  • The phone number on the TV screen is not Alexander's real life phone number to not be easy to dox.


  • As Alexander said his YouTube career date, He said it was January 13th, 2011 when it should be January 31st, 2011.