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Tony Gertrude Thompson is a mentally handicapped person with Down Syndrome, Speech Impediment and Late Bloomer. He wears a Blue Adidas's jacket and has Brown hair. He also does stupid things like sticking things up his area where the sun doesn't shine.


  • He's Paul's Cousin.
  • He talks with a lisp.


Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Loves: Nerds, Candy, Girls

Hates: Rejection

Favorite Season: Autumn

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 5

  • Vending Machine (Debut)

Season 7

Season 9

  • Asking Out

Season 10

  • Opinion


Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • Smart?

Season 2

  • Pepper Ad

Season 5

  • Savage Noob 4

Season 6

Season 8