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Phillop has the worst embarassment at the beach!


Phillop and Naomi are watching TV and they got amused because of the scene being funny. Kathy comes in and wonders why Phillop is in the house but he answered that he is waiting for Jay to get there. Phillop comes outside and Jay finally arrives and they head off to the beach. Phillop and Jay plays go fish together at a picnic table in the beach. Phillop then sees a fat girl in the beach and became infatuated and he runs off to make his first move. The girl leaves the water and Phillop ends up getting "The Pointer" as the time it began to storm. Larry then tells everyone to get out of the water and Phillop was very reluctant to leave the water. Laverne attempts to get Phillop out of the water but the fact her breasts are hanging makes Phillop's predicament worse. She then finally pulls Phillop out of the water but he lost his trunks. The people began to be shocked and they all started laughing at him. Phillop then sits on a bench with a towel wrapped. Lexy then comes to Phillop by complementing how he flashed in front of the whole beach and says he's badass. Lexy then inquires Phillop to get in the changing room so they can have sex.


  • The Pointer is another name for an erection.
  • Phillop and Naomi are watching Billy Madison on TV.
  • This is slightly a redux of a 2006 Data Crew cartoon Card Game.
  • This was the first cartoon where Juli DePallo voices Laverne.
  • This is the first episode to have the Horizon City Television logo at the end.