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Talya B. Carpenter is a sassy, stubborn, enraged teenage girl. She mostly spends time reading her mags and playing on her cellphone than interacting with her friends of TDC. She mostly complains about what's going wrong with her and the group itself by walking up to Paul enraged, screaming, crying, jabbering and hitting the desk with her fist bribing Paul to fix whatever's wrong with Talya's sightings.


"7 + 7 is you shutting the fuck up."
From the Comix Minis Season 3 Episode "Wet Head Challenge".
"Gross! Get a room!"
From The Data Crew 20th Anniversary Special.


  • Her dad's dead and her mom's in prison
  • She has occasional anger problems


Favorite Holiday: New Year

Loves: Monster High, Being a mean girl

Hates: Bootleg Games, Phillop

Known Relatives: Unnamed Father (Deceased), Unnamed Mother (Apprehended)

Favorite Season: Winter

Voiced by: Alexander Mortensen

Desired Voice: Jennifer Lawrence

The Data Crew (Series) Appearances:

Era 2

  • Pin (Debut)
  • Paul Surfs

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 2

  • Club

Season 3

  • Beach (Cameo)

Season 10

  • Paul's Birthday

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • Welcome

Season 2

  • Off Topic
  • Noob's Mistake (Cameo)
  • Exposed (Cameo)

Season 3

Season 4

  • Phillop's New Look
  • DNA Test
  • Troubled Talya

Season 5

  • Wedding Crasher (Cameo)
  • Anniversary Setup

Season 6

  • Noob's Mistake 3
  • How To Leave From a Party

Season 7

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