Olivia is shopping in the grocery store shoplifting a scarf, tries to swindle a cashier, screams at the manager and got what she deserves.


Olivia enters the Tokyo supermarket and asks a kid where the manager is. The kid then points to where the manager's office is and Olivia knocks on his door and tells him that she wants to return these items; Claiming that it's never been used. When in reality, It's been opened and used. Olivia then starts shopping. The first thing she did was shoplift a scarf and putting it on her. She also forces someone to move and then scarfs down a free snack. She then goes to the food stand that sells Sushi. When Olivia bought the Sushi, She didn't want it and took it anyway. Olivia goes to the checkout center; Trying to swindle the cashier and trying to pay by her check. The cashier then says that "They don't even take checks." Olivia raises her voice to get the manager and the manager also says "We don't take checks." Olivia started screaming at the manager and the manager was persuaded to take her check. Olivia tries to find a pen but her scarf gets caught in the checkout conveyor; Strangling her and everyone was in panic/screaming.


  • This is actually the 3rd time Olivia shoplifted in her life.


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