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Seaborn J. Haymonds is the son of Alexander, He was the former son of Sargon because Samantha divorced Sargon all because of how evil Sargon became. Seaborn is also a well behaved boy in Alexander's family.


  • He got the surname "Haymonds" from Sargon
  • He has the same hair/eye color as Samantha Jr and Samantha Sr
  • He is Samantha Jr's practical twin
  • He was born a month after Widenar was born and born a year before Widenar
  • He was created in 2016 as a son of Sargon and Samantha Jr, but in late 2018 when Sargon became an abusive father (after Alex kept roasting and picking on him), Seaborn betrayed him and had Alex become the new father of him.


Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Loves: The month when Spring starts to come, retro video games, upbeat music (especially retro like 80s and 90s), hanging out with his father and mother

Hates: Sargon (He became the bad father and divorced Samantha), being abused/trolled, having his friends betray him

Favorite season: Spring

Other Cartoon Appearances:

  • Jack In The God Damn Box 18 (Debut)

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 7

Season 8