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Sargon Haymonds is an abusive, heartless, deadbeat father. He is Samantha's former spouse from 2008 - 2018. He had a beloved experience with his wife and kids, until Alex went up to Sargon pissing him off and divorced the entire family of his.


"Here comes the bride.. I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!" ~ From the Comix Minis Season 5 episode Wedding Crasher.


Likes: Trolling, abusing, the quote "baby want a bottle" when treating innocent people poorly, trying to ruin reputations, disrespecting opinions, child abuse, animal abuse, alcohol, beer, cigarettes.

Hates: Offering people a better reputation, Samantha, most of TRF


  • He divorced Samantha on December 2018 due to Alex roasting him just because he pisses him off.
  • He is with Jinto, Macario (Evil Widenar) and Olivia, and they team up roasting, insulting and bullying The Rodfellows and The Data Crew.
  • He was married with Samantha for 10 years. 2008-2018
  • He is a drunk, deadbeat dad.
  • He's an alcoholic.

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 5

  • Wedding Crasher (Debut)
  • Rescuing Samantha

Season 7

  • Samurai Sword Dual Match (TRF Form)
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