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Samantha invited me to a conversation in her room and she gets flirty at me :3


Widenar spends time with Samantha after a while from spending time with her. He then hears someone approaching Samantha door and she knew who it was. It was her admirer "Alexander" and she acted coquettish to him as he steps in. But Alexander tells her that "I have no time for your games" which he was suspecting to be tricked. Samantha was favoring Alex because she hasn't had a guy come into her room in a while; So she then introduces Widenar to Alex and these to go to know each other. After Alex told him about how his brother Jimmy snook into Alex's closet, Him and Samantha both chuckled and Samantha wonders if Alex wanted Olivia back. In reality, Alex did NOT want Olivia back for what things he did to her. Samantha tells him that he'd want her and Alex began to stutter. Samantha decides to ask Alex if he wants to stay and he accepted it.


  • This was the first time Alexander met Samantha in person and first starts dating her.
  • This chronologically happened after Samantha watched the Video Dating Tape of Alexander in a Season 8 episode Video Dating Tape.
  • This shows flashbacks of Snitch and Rumpus.
  • This episode somewhat caused a confusion between the character and the episode name.


  • Finto's surname was mispronounced as "Sten-Khon" when it's supposed to be "Sten-Sin".