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Noob and Widenar confronts William to try and get rid of him.


William is doing leg lift workouts and toe touching. Noob and Widenar approach William to confront him and began to make fun of him. After William did a threat, The two boys ran away and William chases them off. Widenar tells Miles to throw a banana peel on the asphalt. But.. That plan didn't work because William was supposed to slip on it and not be able to move; Instead, He jumped over it and survived... Not really because Grayson ends up running William over with his van and Grayson was surprised that he hit someone and drives away saying "MY NAME IS WILLIAM CRANDALL!!". William is laying on the ground and the kids thought he was dead; But he's not. Noob had an idea by taking William to the hospital and the kids didn't like the plan and they decided to head home. Once Noob takes William to the hospital, William was oblivious about everything at the moment.


  • Grayson's Van is a 2000 Chevrolet Express.
    • The license plate on his van has "420" and "69".
  • William lied about his mom not earning money in her life.
  • This episode contradicts with the next episode Hit & Run.
  • When William jumps over the banana peel, the jumping sound from Super Mario World is used.
  • This is the final episode where Alexander Mortensen voices Seaborn.