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Ruby Mortensen is Alexander and Samantha's youngest daughter. Ever since Alexander was in love with his first GF Katie, Katie adopted Ruby from an orphanage on 2013. Then on 2016, She went back to the orphanage after Katie left Alexander. Then on December 2018, Alexander had finally found Ruby. Since Samantha married Alexander, Sargon's children Samantha Junior and Seaborn has officially became Alexander's new kids and Ruby's new siblings.


  • She was 2 years old when she was adopted by Alexander.
  • She is the youngest child along with Samantha Junior and Seaborn.


Favorite Holiday: Easter

Loves: Her siblings, Cookies,Cake

Hates: Being Alone

Relatives: Alexander (Father), Samantha (Mother), Samantha Junior (Older Sister), Seaborn (Older Brother)

Favorite Season: Spring

Voiced By: Alexander Mortensen

Desired Voice: Gabby Soleil

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 4

Season 6

Season 8

Other Cartoon Appearances:

The TRF Data Crew