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Miles has been kidnapped by a bunch of cult ritual exorcists!


Miles finds himself in a tent that's supposed to be a cult ritual. He wakes up and wonders where he is and gets confused. He heard voices from the exorcists "Satan be gone... Evil away..."

After a few times they said that, it was Miles' turn to speak; saying that he wanted to go to the mall. But the only thing the exorcists can say was: "The mall is the devil's playground!!!". After many of the speech from the exorcists, smokes accumulates in the tent coming from in scents, torches and dry ice. The exorcists were coughing and gagging from the smoke and they get knocked out; collapsing on the floor and after that, Miles frantically set himself free and ran away.



  • The episode is where Pacifico's debut takes place.
  • The episode title is a pun of Jane's Addiction's 1990 album "Ritual De La Habitual"
  • The meaning of the title is "Ritual From Evade".