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Phillop's Sister got him a toy and feels resentful over it!


Abby comes in Phillop's room and bought him a toy which is a Furby. Phillop was very disgusted about the Furby and when he took it out of his room and showed Lexy. Lexy was adored by it and told him to activate it. The Furby started making noises and Phillop got annoyed. He then starts to get to know it by telling it to schedule a tour and the Furby waved its ears, showing that it's a yes. Phillop asks if it likes rock music and Phillop starts shredding a guitar solo as Ruthie can hear it from the hallway and she comes in. Phillop stopped playing the guitar and pretended to say he was doing nothing. He then started to feed it orange sherbet ice cream but Ruthie couldn't vouch for that. Phillop then grabs a cup of tea and gets the Furby to drink it. After Ruthie tried to stop Phillop, it immediately cut to where Phillop and Ruthie sleeps with the Furby.


  • The guitar solo Phillop plays is Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills".
  • Peckish is a British term for "Hungry".
  • This episode is based on "Francis gets The New Furby!"
  • The part where Phillop first gets the Furby from Abby was animated by Darren A. Nichols.