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Phillop got outta the shower and got bored and sees what happens if he sneezes with his eyes open!


Phillop is still bare since he got out of the shower and dried up, He decided to make himself sneeze to overcome his boredom. He then gets a pepper shaker and shakes it on his hand and sniffs them up and sneezes again. So then, He decided to find out what will happen if he sneezes with his eyes open. So he opens his eyes wide with his fingers while Aubrey tries to get in the bathroom to see if everything's okay; But the door was locked. After Phillop made his big sneeze with his eyes opened, Aubrey busts into the bathroom and Phillop's eyes popped out.



  • There is a picture of Sargon's head onto a picture of Hitler.


  • Despite sneezing with your eyes open, It's impossible for your eyes to pop out.

Music Used:

  • Jesse Gallagher - Crystal Towers of the Moon