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Phillop M. T. Parker a joyful, emotional, and talented guitar player of The Data Crew. He used to get bullied by Grayson but now he gets bullied by Talya. He once performed a 3-minute long solo on stage making the gig more interesting back in 2005. He also does those crazy guitar riffs just to impress Ruthie who he loves the most.


"You fucking wanker!"
Since Jack in the god damn box 19.
His surprised/shocked expression.
"Fuck you, Get an apartment!"
From The Data Crew 20th Anniversary Special.


Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Loves: Jet ski, Gourmet cooking, Tea, Hoverboards, Fat girls, Ruthie, Alyssa, Aubrey, Hashbrown, Rock Music, Metal

Hates: Golden boys (Some), Get his items stolen, Racism.

Relatives: Ruthie (Partner/Love), Abby (Older Sister), Hamilton (Baby Brother)

Parents: Emmy Parker (Mother) Christopher Parker (Father),

Favorite Season: Spring

Voiced By: The Official Comix Minis

Desired Voice: Emma Watson


  • Patty was his first girlfriend.
  • He was afraid of Alexander when he joined the Data Crew in 2006 until Alexander performed a song called "Master Exploder" on stage and made the crowd go wild.
  • He is one hell of an expert at guitar (Even Rock Band/Guitar Hero games)
  • He is the most popular British characters in the Comedy Mix series.
  • Him and Talya don't get along
  • The first Female he got laid by is Quin before Ruthie
  • He is Ruthie's twin lover
  • Him and Ruthie call each other "The P & R Twins"
  • He is sexually attracted to fat women.
  • He was the first character to be depicted in 2004.
  • His guitar is a Gibson Explorer.

The Data Crew (Series) Appearances:

Era 1

  • Phillop Doll (Very First Appearance)
  • We Kiss

Era 2

  • Card Game
  • The Exploder
  • Pin

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 1

  • JITGDB 4 (Comix Shorts Debut)

Season 2

  • Allergies

Season 3

  • Splatoon 2
  • Annoyed
  • Mother's day
  • Get Clean

Season 4

  • Camping (Cameo/Silent)

Season 5

  • Where are my Cookies? (off-camera)
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Time Machine
  • Hoverboard
  • Diet Coke & Mentos
  • Soup Store

Season 6

  • What's on?

Season 7

  • Interview (off-camera)
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Thanksgiving (off-camera)

Season 8

  • Mug
  • Fruit E Bars

Season 9

  • Deaf Talk
  • Devour
  • Phillop's Piggy Bank
  • Olivia Tries to Babysit Noob
  • Olivia's Birthday
  • Switching Bodies

Season 10

  • Deaf Talk...Again!
  • Hard Luck
  • Close Part II


Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • Quarantine
  • Out of Tea

Season 2

Season 3

  • Snitch 2
  • Out of Tea 3
  • Deaf Talk...Yet Again!
  • Wet Head Challenge

Season 4

  • Fancy Dress
  • Trapped
  • Phillop's New Look
  • DNA Test
  • Savage Noob 3
  • Haunted
  • Grayson's Hanukkah

Season 5

  • Caution Zone
  • Baking A Cake
  • Phillop The Pimp
  • Wild Dream
  • Magic 8 Ball

Season 6

  • Naomi's New Room
  • Phillop's Experiment
  • Robbery Ain't The Word

Season 7

Season 8

Other Cartoon Appearances:

The TRF Data Crew

  • The Ace Turns 17
  • Phillop's Worst Crime


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