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Paul accidentally drinks alcohol!


Hashbrown is showing Quin that Miles is traumatized. While Miles is traumatized, He was doing that celebratory booty dance just to cure his mind. Hashbrown explains why Miles is traumatized on the inside saying that "Miles was looking at FurAffinity and saw inflation pics and other fetish related art". Quin now wonders where Paul is at. Looks like Quin got an answer from Hashbrown. Paul is at his father's house spending time and Paul asks what that drink is and Will Peterson answers that it's Root Beer. When Paul took a drink of the root beer, Little did he know, It was "Alcoholic Root Beer". After Paul took a drink of that root beer, he became drunk and queasy. Meanwhile, Jackie (Paul's mom) starts scolding her Ex husband because Jackie heard that Will let Paul drink alcoholic root beer.


  • This is the first cartoon where Miles does his booty dance.
  • This is the second cartoon where Will and Jackie argue.


  • In the thumbnail, Paul is in his old style. (Comix Minis Seasons 1 - 3 Style) When he should've been in his Season 4 - 5 Style.