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About Comix Shorts

Comix Shorts is a European stop motion animated series that involve Roblox people named Paul, Noob, Classic, Miles, Quin, and more characters. Comix Shorts have been active from April 13th 2015 - December 9th 2017 (Remasters are still going)

About Comix Minis

Comix Minis is the sequel of the European stop motion animated series and the longest running Data Crew/Comedy Mix IP.


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Q: Do Comix Characters get replaced with new ones?

A: It's not that common, unless the characters are old and/or deceased.

Q: What seasons of Comix Shorts do you remaster?

A: I don't remaster episodes very often, and I don't specifically remaster certain seasons anymore.

Q: How long does it take you to make a Comix Minis episode?

A: It really depends on the length of the episode, it takes around about a couple of days to produce one.

Q: Do you take episode requests?

A: No, Sorry!

Q: What software do you use to make a Comix Minis episode?

A: I use Adobe Animate to animate the episode and Swivel to export the video.

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