Noob is planning a party!


Paul isn't home, Phillop & Quin are going to a concert. When Phillop leaves the house, he gives Noob €117 ($140) for food & emergencies only. and Noob wants to throw a party and he tries to call his friends but his phone got a bad connection, and when he finally calls his friends and when a first guest arrives, it was Tony the handicap kid who's at the door, but Noob refuses to let him in. and when the other guests come in, TheCookCSXGEVO comes in and tells him about his new favorite train. But Noob got bent out of shape and threatened him. But TheCookCSXGEVO called someone over to rape Noob. When Noob goes into another room, Utah takes off her clothes and Noob takes off his clothes as well. But people where not pleased about Noob's nakedness. So Noob goes and cries but he accidentally runs into the bedroom when Black Noob is wanking on the bed.


  • The sound when Cook said "Titty McCrapper ATTACK!!" is an vocals only version of Judas Priest's song "Painkiller".


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