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Noob Gets Suspended is the 16th episode of the seventh season Comix Minis, and the 178th episode overall. It was released onto Comix Minis Inc. (then known as French Fry Animations/Alexander the Mystical Wolf) YouTube channel on December 30, 2019.


Noob gets in a fight with William and gets suspended for it!


The episode starts of with Paul and Naomi talking about a gift for Quin. Noob then enters the room and complains about going to school, a common thing for him. Him and Paul then get into an argument before Noob finally agrees to head to school. Noob then meets up with Miles at the front door ranting about the stuff him and Paul went through earlier. Out of nowhere Paul opens the door yelling at Noob to get to school. Then we see William outside in a snowy field before he gets hit by a rock thrown by Noob. William then gets angry which results in a fight between the two. Samantha Jr., Seaborn, Elijah, Juan, and two other girls along with each of their moms spectate the battle. Then they begin to fight. After Seaborn calls Noob a pussy, William's mom begins to chant pussy before the kids follow. Noob says a racist slur at William and then Mr. Van de Graff then comes in to break the fight up resulting in Noob getting suspended. After that we are greeted to Grayson's room where Hava and Quin are as Grayson jams out to Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine. Noob then walks into the room, scared that Paul is going to beat the shit out of him if he shows him a suspension paper that Paul needs to sign. Grayson then gives Noob some advise and the episode ends.


  • Juan
  • Elijah
  • Mr. Van De Graff


  • This episode holds the record for one of the most characters featured in a single episode
  • This was the final Comix Minis episode for 2019 along with the 2010s.
  • This episode is rumored to be the last Comix Minis episode to have Elijah and Juan voiced by their current voice actors at this time.