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Noob leaves the supermarket and ends up getting kidnapped by a goth lady!


Noob, Paul and Quin are shopping at the Tokyo Supermarket and Noob wanted some Spaghettios but Paul refused to buy him them. Noob them decides to run off and Paul changed his mind that he'll buy Noob Spaghettios. Paul and Quin payed for the items and tried to look for Noob but they realized Noob was gone and they both began to fight. After the tension erupted enough, Quin began to wail. Paul then reassured Quin and will call the cops when they get home. Noob got kidnapped by a goth lady named Faye Staples. Her husband Jamie wonders where she's been and Faye told him that she found a kid in the street and Jamie felt resentful over it. Noob comes in not even caring and not even scared. Noob walks over to the couch and told Jamie a story on what happened as Jamie thought Noob was an orphan. After he heard his story, He was outraged and wants Noob to be sent back. Noob then kicks Jamie in the crotch and Noob slaps his own buttocks at Jamie. Quin then calls Jamie while crying and finally knew where Noob is at. Jamie threatens Quin on the phone, All Quin wanted was to talk to Noob on the phone. Noob grabs the phone and talks to Quin and she was happy and crying concomitantly. When Noob was still talking on the phone, The police busts in Faye and Jamie's house charging them for kidnapping Noob and apprehending them. The cop takes Noob home and Paul, Quin and Noob have Spaghettios they got for dinner.


  • This is considered the most dramatic episode.
  • The is the 2nd cartoon where Quin cries.
  • This is the final Comix Minis episode to have the TV rating.
  • The sound effect where Noob slaps his buttocks at Jamie comes from a Bill Jensen livestream on Instagram from October 19, 2019.