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He didn't really die

SPOILER ALERT: In the alt ending, It was Paul's dream.


Noob was very disappointed that Roblox removed the tickets on March 2016. He devises a plan to save Roblox but he decided to go to KFC and order the bucket on the roof. The cashier got confused and didn't take Noob's order. Noob takes the KFC bucket instead and tries to work it. When he finally worked it, He got ready to drive it to the Roblox headquarters and stopped at Benjamin. Benjamin blew up Noob's KFC bucket and got angry. For revenge, he steals Benjamin's van and crashes it. In hell, Noob gets ran over by a car.


  • This was the first cartoon where Noob says "KFC Break Bitches!" along with him stealing the KFC bucket.
  • Footage of the van crashing was recorded from Turbo Dismount (mobile).
  • In the Comix Unlimited version, It was the first cartoon to have Juli DePallo voice Julia.