Inspired by Home Alone


The data crew is having a pizza party at the house. So Phillop asks "12 pizzas for €23.00?". and Grayson was eating a pizza but it turns out that he's eating Noob's pizza. Noob asks "Did anyone order me a plain cheese pizza?" and Grayson said "Oh yeah, we're out, if you want any, someone's gonna have to puke it all up because it's gone." Noob got suspicious and Grayson began to choke on the pizza and Noob pushes Grayson to the counter and spills the milk. The commotion began to start and everyone got all chaotic and Paul ends up spilling Mountain Dew on the pizza and Quin yells at Noob and Noob says "He started it! He intentionally ate my pizza! He also says that I like anchovies when I don't!. Alexander said "Look what you did you little jerk!!" and Quin sent Noob to his room and Olivia began to pick on Noob.


Songs Used:

Casa Bossa Nova by Kevin Macleod

Get Outside by Jason Farhamn

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