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Samantha, Alice and I are going on a night drive to see Samantha's cousin!


Samantha, Alexander and Alice are driving to Club Misaki to see Samantha's cousin after years of not seeing her. So Alice explains that Club Misaki was renovated by adding hotels and lobbies and Alexander was interested about that and got impatient. Alice tells Alex to hit the doobie and Alex started smoking the joint and experienced an awkward acid trip. He even saw Olivia all weird bossing him around. Alexander woke up shocked on the concrete path; Samantha and Alice made sure he was alive and they enter the club. Alice tells the secretary where Anna's room is in and he tells them "Second floor door 7". Samantha rings Anna's doorbell and Anna was so happy to see her own cousin again. Alexander then meets Anna and compliments her. The 3 come in and have a talk with her. After they talked, Anna inquires the 3 if they wanna stay the night and Alex said Yes.


  • Alexander said a FilthyFrank quote after he woke up from his acid trip.
  • The music where Alexander, Samantha and Alice in the car is a remastered version of the music from the Comix Shorts Seaosn 5 episode Treasure Hunt.
  • This was the first episode to have Dan P. Lyons to voice Alice.
  • This was the only episode to have Alexander Mortensen voice Anna.