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Nancy J. Crandall is a bitter and corrupted bus driver to Tokyo Middle School. She has taken the job since 2015 because she wouldn't regret driving a bus. Later on, She might regret driving the bus and kick the bus door angrily. Whenever she sees her son William do something bad like bullying Noob and teasing his little sister, She comes and scolds him badly.


"Get your ugly ass in the fucking bus! Take a seat, And don't break it either or I'll cook you and feed you to a bunch of hungry man-eating babies!"
Her first quote in Comix Shorts.
"You got that you fat Miley Cyrus whore?"
How she insults one of her students.


  • Her former husband was Canadian which is how William and Penelope are Canadian.
  • She got a speeding ticket 7 times.


Favorite Holiday: Independence Day.

Likes: Driving buses, Insulting children.

Dislikes: Kids with very bad hygiene.

Favorite Season: All of them!

Comix Shorts Appearances:

Season 1

  • First Day of School Part 1 (Debut)

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 4

  • Art Class

Season 6

  • Lots of Debris (Mentioned)

Season 7

Season 8

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