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Noob and his pals goes to the movie theater to start another brawl!


Iskinder talks with Doreen and gives her a cocktail called "Sex on the beach" and she drinks it. Noob gets impatient over waiting for Iskinder to drive the kids and he started to get meaner after Noob unintentionally dropped the vase. Iskinder was going to punch Noob but Doreen stopped him. Noob and Widenar decided to ride with William and Luis to the movies. When they are at the movies, William felt very inconvenient because it was MLP. Joan G. told William to shut his hole and when they watched the film, They kept commentating and refuse to pipe down causing the ladies to tell the boys to shut up. After a fight was pushed, the 3 boys gets kicked out.


  • The movie the boys were watching is MLP Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown.
  • The fact Noob talked about Alexander's pet rabbit is actually true because he owns one in real life.
  • This is the first Comix Minis episode where Anna is voiced by Darren A. Nichols and Doreen is voiced by Juli DePallo.
    • Doreen's voice was replaced by Juli DePallo's ever since Dee Lanie was fired.
  • This marks Joan G's last appearance to date.