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Happy Mother's Day!


Phillop wonders which mother to send a card to. He already sent one to his mum and his idea came up. He decides to send Alexander's mom a homemade card. When he gives the card to Mz. Mortensen, It was a very offensive card saying this:

Dear Alexander's mum:

You are the extreme knobhead in the world! Go fuck a filthy black man you fucking bastard, cunt, shithead. Go die in the dumps you twat.

Crappy mother's day! Fucking Tosser!

After Mz. Mortensen read it, She got outraged and threw Phillop out of the window.


  • The sound effect when Phillop got thrown out of the window came from Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Alexander gave a speech about mother's day in the beginning of the episode.