Miles B. Landgrabb is a young boy who has 2 Brothers named Noob and Classic. He can also be a funny boy by making prank calls, making farting sounds and other funny things. He loves a TRF member named "Hashbrown" because of how pretty she is.


"Hey you guys, You know what they call a Jewish woman's boobs? Jewbs!"
-From The Comix Minis Season 3 episode "The Kid's Grandmother"
"Booty dance do the booty dance!"
-From The Comix Minis Season 4 Episode "Paul's Mistake"

"Hey! Who you calling a buffoon?!"
-From The Comix Minis Season 6 Episode "Miles' Secret".


  • Whenever he gets traumatized, He does the celebratory booty dance.
  • His current outfit is based off the character outfit from the ROBLOX game, "ROBLOX Battle".
    • His pants used to be Red when he was first established.


Favorite Holiday: Cinco De Mayo

Loves: Board Games, Puzzles

Hates: Cranberries (The Fruit)

Relatives: Noob (Younger Brother) Classic (Young Brother)

Favorite Season: Winter

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