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Classic has found a weird looking Tiki mask and he's gonna use it to scare Angry Dad!


Classic is doing some laundry and holding down the cover for the water to wash the clothes. Until then, he spots a "Weird Looking Tiki Mask" and goes and gets it to show it to Quin. He tells Quin that he's gonna use it to scare her father. But Quin says that it wasn't a good idea to. So Classic puts it back and thinks what it'll be like when he scares Quin's dad.

Classic's Thought:

Angry Dad is watching TV and he asks his wife Miranda to change the channel for him. But Miranda asks if he can do it himself but...he can't because his rear end is glue to the chair (Not literally). He then hears footsteps and wonders who goes there. When he finally gets up, He threatens the person who is walking in the house. Until then, Classic scares Angry Dad with the Tiki mask and Angry Dad was frightened and falls to the ground. Miranda wonders if he was okay but Angry Dad wasn't and he asked someone to help him up. So Angry Dad's sister "May" is counted in to help him up. But she failed to lift him up because she was giggling about what Angry Dad said.

End of Classic's thought:

Classic wouldn't wanna scare Angry Dad because he might give him a heart attack and die.




Todd Landgrabb / Angry Dad

Miranda Einarsson Landgrabb

May (Debut)


This was the second time the tiki mask appeared as the tiki mask appeared in "Halloween 2004".