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Paul's uncle comes to visit him, but Paul hates him badly because of the things his uncle did to him in the past.


On July 27th, 2007. Iskinder was the most popular guy in Japan and well known. He loves telling jokes to his fans and making them laugh. While Paul is hearing those jokes, He praised them and Iskinder gave a complement to him. That was Iskinder in the public but at home, It was different. When Paul listened to the TV, He laughed and sneezed. After Paul sneezed, Iskinder got outraged and Paul was afraid and tried to explain. But Iskinder threw mashed potatoes at Paul's face and he begins crying. Iskinder then bullies Paul while Paul is crying and yells at him threatening to spank him with a pizza pan. Tori says it was cruelty but Iskinder doesn't care much about cruelty. Maria yelled at Iskinder for throwing mashed potatoes at Paul's face and Iskinder pressured Maria.

13 years later, Paul got a letter from the mail which is from Iskinder that he's going to stay with him. Paul was afraid and the Peterson Landgrabb family looks out the window and sees an Uber driver parking by the house. Paul became super resentful to the fact Iskinder is staying at the house. Paul began to go outraged and tries to not let him in the house. Quin tries to calm Paul down and tells him to face his uncle, So he did. Paul goes by the car and gets Iskinder to come out of the car and Iskinder finally did. Iskinder was now acting nice to Paul being happy to see him. Paul got confused; Quin walks to Iskinder to greet him along with Noob, Classic and Miles greeting him. Iskinder was happy and being nice to the kids.


  • This reveals Noob's real name, which is "Andy".
  • The backstory was animated with the old TRFI assets.
  • Juli DePallo voiced young Paul.
  • The TV quote was from the Boondocks.