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Summer visits her father to say goodbye..


Alexander and Paul come home from school and sees Summer making a pleading face in tears and wants them to go to the hospital for Summer to see her father. As Alexander drives, the flashback montage plays. Summer enters her father's hospital room to speak to him for the very last time to see him go as he has cancer. Summer then begins to sob as he passed away. Naomi and Phillop felt pitiful over Summer as her father died. And he told Naomi that he supports her considering the fact she's new to the data crew. Along came Geo and he unexpectedly sees Phillop and Phillop began to apologize to Geo on what he did in 2018 and starts crying. Geo accepted his apology; Naomi began to give Phillop a hug in sorrow as Phillop breaks down into tears.

Cartoons Shown Before Summer Visits Her Father:

Cartoons Shown After Phillop hugs Naomi in Sorrow:


  • This was the first cartoon to have Wendy Torez voice Summer.
  • This cartoon is considered the most saddest one.
  • This episode includes a voiceover during the copyright notice screen.
  • This is the final cartoon to have Alexander Mortensen voice Naomi.