Here's a list of every Comix Minis A - Z

(First episode of season is Italic)

(Last episode of season is Underlined)

(Explicit episode is Bold)

NOTE: This list is unfinished

0 - 9

3 Wishes (From Season 2)


A Week At Grandma's (From Season 3)

Adoption (From Season 4)

Air Conditioner (From Season 5)

Alexander's 16th Birthday (From Season 2)

Anniversary Setup (From Season 5)

Angry Dad Gets Fired (From Season 3)

Annoying Error (From Season 5)

Art Class (From Season 4)


Bad Hair Day (From Season 4)

Bag of Chips (From Season 1)

Baking A Cake (From Season 5)

Benjamin Babysits Classic (From Season 2)

Binoculars (From Season 1)

Boyhood (From Season 4)


The Carpet (From Season 5)

Carving Pumpkins (From Season 4)

Caught...Yet Again! (From Season 1)

Caution Zone (From Season 5)

Ceramics (From Season 4)

Charles (From Season 7)

Classic's Belated Birthday (From Season 4)

Cooking Critique (From Season 5)

Crime (From Season 1)


Deaf Talk...Yet Again!

Deserted (From Season 1)

Ding Dong Ditch (From Season 3)

Dinner (From Season 1)

Disappointment (From Season 2)

DNA Test (From Season 4)

Don't Drop the Soap! (From Season 1)


Eating Demonstration (From Season 6)

Exposed (From Season 2)


Fancy Dress (From Season 4)

Field Trip From Season 2)

Fortune Cookie (From Season 4)

Fundraiser (From Season 2)

Fund Critique (From Season 4)

Funny Disguise (From Season 6)


Get out of my car! (From Season 1)

Gobble Gobble (From Season 4)

Grayson's Cruise To The Hospital (From Season 5)

Grayson's Date (From Season 1)

Grayson's Hanukkah (From Season 4)

Grayson Goes To Summer School (From Season 6)

Grayson Saves Naomi (From Season 4)


Haunted (From Season 4)

H33b (From Season 4)

Heroic Deed (From Season 5)

Home Schooling (From Season 7)

Hospital (From Season 4)

Hot Cocoa (From Season 4)

Hot to Trot (From Season 3)

House Leave Prohibition (From Season 6)

How to leave from a party (From Season 6)


Ice Cream Try Out (From Season 6)

Impression (From Season 2)

Insurance (From Season 3)

I Spy (From Season 2)


Jeff's Funeral (From Season 3)


The Kid's Grandmother (From Season 3)


Laughing Fit (From Season 7)

Lazy Day (From Season 6)

Light Bulb (From Season 4)

Lost Then Found (From Season 4)

Lots of Debris (From Season 6)


Mad Kody (From Season 4)

Mask (From Season 6)

Magic 8 Ball (From Season 5)

Miles' Secret (From Season 6)

Miles Chokes On Popcorn (From Season 4)

Move Back (From Season 2)

Movie Riot (From Season 4)

Melissophobia (From Season 2)

The Mess (From Season 2)

Miles' 14th Birthday (From Season 2)


#1 Fan (From Season 4)

Naomi's New Room (From Season 6)

Naomi's Nightmare (From Season 3)

New Hair (From Season 3)

New Neighbors (From Season 1)

Noisy Alexander (From Season 4)

Noob's Breakup (From Season 5)

Noob's Checkup (From Season 1)

Noob's Destination (From Season 3)

Noob's Disaster (From Season 2)

Noob's Disaster 2 (From Season 3)

Noob's Mistake (From Season 2)

Noob's Mistake 2 (From Season 4)

Noob's Mistake 3 (From Season 6)

Noob's New Girlfriend (From Season 5)

Noob's Revenge (From Season 2)

Noob's Terrible Easter (From Season 2)

Noob Does The Impossible (From Season 5)

Noob Misbehaves (From Season 1)

Noob Ruins Christmas (From Season 4)


Office (From Season 1)

Off Topic (From Season 2)

Out of Tea (From Season 1)

Out of Tea 2 (From Season 2)

Out of Tea 3 (From Season 3)


Paul's Allergic Reaction (From Season 2)

Paul's Biggest Fear (From Season 3)

Paul's Hiccups (From Season 3)

Paul's Mistake (From Season 4)

Peek A Boo! (From Season 4)

Pepper Ad (From Season 2)

Phillop's Experiment (From Season 6)

Phillop's Haircut (From Season 2)

Phillop's New Look (From Season 4)

Phillop The Pimp (From Season 5)

Photo Attempt (From Season 2)

Picture Reading (From Season 3)

Plastic Surgery Clinic (From Season 7)

Pop Its (From Season 3)

Pop Tart (From Season 1)

Puberty (From Season 4)

Puerile 2 (From Season 4)


Quarantine (From Season 1)

Quin's Pet Peeve (From Season 4)

Quin Moves In (From Season 2)


Rainy Day (From Season 1)

Randomness 9 (From Season 1)

Rescuing Samantha (From Season 5)

Road Safety (From Season 4)

Robbery Ain't The Word (From Season 6)

Roleplay Call (From Season 2)

Rumpus (From Season 1)


Sad Commercial (From Season 3)

Samantha (From Season 2)

Samurai Sword Dual Match (From Season 7)

Savage Noob 1 (From Season 4)

Savage Noob 2 (From Season 4)

Savage Noob 3 (From Season 4)

Savage Noob 4 (From Season 5)

Savage Noob 5 (From Season 5)

Savage Noob 6 (From Season 5)

Savage Noob 7 (From Season 6)

Sleeping Distraction (From Season 1)

Sleeping Distraction...Again! (From Season 2)

Sleepover At Courtney's (From Season 2)

Smart (From Season 1)

Sneaky Snitch (From Season 6)

Snitch (From Season 2)

Snitch 2 (From Season 3)

Song For Olivia (From Season 2)

Speed Dating (From Season 1)

Speed Dating 2 (From Season 6)

Stranded (From Season 6)

Strange Dream (From Season 5)


Talk Show (From Season 6)

Tattoo Artist (From Season 1)

Third Wheel (From Season 4)

Tide Pod Challenge (From Season 1)

Topsy Turvy (From Season 3)

Trapped (From Season 4)

Trick (From Season 7)

Troubled Talya (From Season 4)

TV Problem (From Season 5)




Wedding Crasher (From Season 5)

Welcome (From Season 1)

Wet Dream (From Season 5)

Wet Head Challenge (From Season 3)

What's That Smell? (From Season 3)

Wild Dream (From Season 5)

Wrong Number (From Season 3)




Zoo (From Season 3)

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