Laverne Rabson is the queen of a girl group called "The Rodgals". She is also a lifeguard in the Tokyo Water park by keeping swimmers safe from harm. She also lived in a condo for quite a long time now.


  • In late August 2017, she was looking for gal friends of hers to form a "female group" based from The Rodfellows - "The Rodgals". Luckily for The Rodfellows, they get to admire them as they've noticed it.
  • Laverne helps Natalie grow by teaching her lots of stuff such as how to play in the ocean water the way individuals like to do, how to play games as well as board games (mostly Pie Face, Twister), and so on.
  • Laverne is the one and only leader of The Rodgals.


Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Labor Day

Likes: Watching television in the condo, going out at the beach with the gals of The Rodgals, cooking.

Dislikes: Being abused by bullies alongside trolls, being called discourteous phrases, as well as being neglected to hang out with her gal friends.

Voiced by: Justin Prichard

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 4

  • Hospital (Debut)
  • Savage Noob 3
  • Noob Ruins Christmas (Cameo)

Season 5

  • Wedding Crasher
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