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Phillop just dug out ladder golf for the gang to play!


Phillop got out Ladder Golf that was brought during Black Friday of 2019. He explains the objective to play the game and picks Alyssa to go first. Alyssa throws the ladder golf ball to the ladder and then became Ruthie's turn to throw. Hashbrown was a little bit envious of Ruthie's throw. When it was HB's turn to throw the ladder golf ball to the ladder, She ended up throwing it at Phillop's face and began to get scandalous causing Ruthie and Alyssa to scold HB. HB tries to say it was an accident but it was hard for Alyssa and Ruthie to believe.

Extended scene

Alyssa demands HB for a reason as to why she hit Phillop in the eye. HB states that she may have messed up her aim, but Alyssa still argues that she did it on purpose. Ruthie tells the two to stop arguing, saying that it will only make things worse and telling HB to calm down. HB states to Alyssa that she tried to aim for the top of the ladder and that Phillop must have been in the way, stating that it was an accident, although she deserved to be scolded herself, much to the two's distraught. Eventually, Ruthie agrees with HB and Alyssa realizes too, stating that she may have to apologize to Phillop, who is in the living room. The original ending then plays as follows.


  • This was the first episode to have Kenzie Backlin to voice Alyssa.
  • An extended cut of the episode with an additional scene animated by Darren A. Nichols and edited by Criterion was released onto the Horizon City Corporation YouTube channel on August 15, 2020. It was previously set for an August 12th release, but was delayed due to production issues.
  • This is also the first Comix Minis episode to have an extended cut done by Nichols.