Jeff Cassidy (February 15, 1993 - June 16, 2018) is a character in Comix Shorts who is known as a "gay" person, He has a weird voice and is a prostitute. He first started being gay since high school of 2009. He has been practicing for years and years.

Cause of death: Impaled by an Umbrella


Favorite Holiday: Valentines day

Loves: Romance and being a prostitute

Hates: Gender Wars

Relatives: Unknown

Favorite Season: Spring


Season 7

  • Jeff gets a girlfriend (Debut)

Season 9

  • Flirt

Season 10

  • Opinion

Minis Appearances:

Season 1

  • Smart?

Season 3

Season 5

  • Savage Noob 4 (Temporary Resuscitation)
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