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Miles asks Paul of what jobs he wants.


Miles is reading his biology book in the living room while Quin prepares dinner. After Paul accepted dinner, Quin kissed him in the cheek and Paul goes to his room to put up his poster of a mother he admires. Miles comes in so he can talk to Paul about jobs. Miles suggested an Ice cream man because it looks easy to him. Another choice is suggested was a murderer. Paul was not happy about that choice because Miles wasn't thinking carefully. Miles said he'd do nothing like Paul did and he got irritated and admitted he didn't do nothing because he's a vocalist. Miles told his father was a hunter and fisher thinking that it's murdering when it's not. Paul finally tried to give Miles advice of a proper skill but.. Miles didn't listen as he said he wanted to be a Kung Fu fighter. Paul gotten mad and talked about his uncle of how abusive he was. After Miles tried to reply, Paul went to rage mode and threw his office chair and ends up breaking it. Miles heard an ice cream truck passing by hence the melody coming from outside. Miles tried to ask if he can give him ¥2,000; Instead, Paul ripped a piece of his hair without knowing what he's doing.


  • This mentioned how Paul's uncle was abusive.
  • The vocals is an Acapella version of Van Halen's Somebody Get Me a Doctor.
  • This shows a flashback of the 2007 Data Crew cartoon "Let's Go Fishing".


  • The punch sound was played too early before Paul poked Miles.