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Ever getting bored of being in a party you dislike? Well, Here are some odd remedies you can try!


The beginning, Timothy gets ready to leave and drive away for good. Matthew, Justin and Benjamin all say goodbye and Timothy drives away. Matthew is thinking of throwing a celebration party and the gang agrees. During the party, Talya find the party so lame and boring. Alexander then asks Paul if The Data Crew is becoming a failure. Alexander asks Talya if he wanted an answer from her. But he reluctantly answered and wanted to leave. Let's see the remedies for the party:

Remedy 1: Old Fashion

Saying goodbye in an fancy/old fashioned way.

Remedy 2: Hindi

Speaking Hindi and saying goodbye in Hindi.

Remedy 3: Be Thrown Out

Paul throws Talya out of the window.

Remedy 4: Yell "The Cops Are Here!"

Talya in a panic yells "The cops are here! We are so screwed!"

Remedy 5: Ask Out

Alexander asks Samantha if they wanna get out of the party, Tony asks Talya if she wanted to get out in vain.

Remedy 6: Magic Trick

Paul performs a magic trick by making himself disappear.


  • This marks Timothy's final appearance.
  • The magic words Paul is saying are mostly in Greek. "θα φύγω, καφέ φύγε, από αυτό το πάρτι".