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Holly "Hashbrown" Wolfgang is an extraordinary woman with a very creative mind. When she finds something that she couldn't finish like make a peanut butter sandwich while knives are in the dishwasher, she spreads peanut butter with her finger. That's improvising. She's also based off of Daniel P Lyon's series "The Rodfellows".


Favorite Holiday: Valentines' Day

Loves: Cooking & Breakfast

Hates: Rudeness

Favorite Season: Spring


"No Excuses Mister!"

Since the Comix Minis Season 1 episode "Quarantine".


  • Her birth name was "Holly". Until the age of 8, "Hashbrown" is her preferred name.
    • She and Holly are the same person.
  • Her and her High School friend saw Alexander's first dance move.
  • Phillop is sexually attracted to her.
  • She left the 4G1G on June 2020 and Vanessa takes her place.

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