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I get a free massage from a beautiful woman and some woo hoo.


Alexander is in school at the end of the day. He heard of voice from his schoolmate "Dylan" the kid he has befriended. Alexander then happily talks to him and he explains about COVID 19 and how he's stressed about it. Suddenly, a woman named Lisa walked to the people saying how the show they performed in 2006 rocked. And Phillop was slightly confused and Alexander has a discussion with her and was interested in a massage from her. It was scheduled on Tuesday. In the evening, Quin and Paul talked about the news that schools are closed until further notice. The next morning, Alexander perpares for the massage and is eager because it starts in 6 hours. So he took a nap until 14:55 and gets ready. He heads to Lisa's door and knocks at the precise time "15:00" and Lisa liked how he got there on time. Alexander giggled; When Lisa invites him in her home, Alexander was so flabbergasted that he sees pictures of her anthro form. When he lie down on the bed, Lisa complimented his skin and hair smell and Alexander was flattered. He then imagines or daydream about the two making out. After his daydreaming, he ejaculated in his pants and Lisa wonders if he's okay. When she found out he jizzed his pants, She wasn't mad about it; When the session starts, No clothes are required and Alexander went wild and Lisa pulled her shirt up to show her breasts to him.


  • The episode sets the date on March 23rd, 2020 - March 24th, 2020.
  • The song Master Exploder from The Data Crew Era 2 episode "The Exploder" can be heard in the scene where Lisa invited Alexander in.
  • This episode got dislike bombed for unknown reasons.



Alexander: (In the day dream) "I am ready to join your team as skins in a round of B Ball!"

Lisa: Yes! Yes! Give it all to me!

Alexander: Let me touch you all over.. (Giggling)