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First Day of School Part 2 is the second part of First Day of School.


Noob enters the school scheming about taking over the school. When class starts, the teacher, Mr. Van De Graff introduces himself and gets started to the students introducing themselves. Noob tries to seduce Sue Jr., but she rudely rejects him. William also blatantly announces his name and tells the class "You all suck!". Mr Van De Graff was irritated by the children's actions and tries to do it again but a meme suddenly comes up "John Cena!!!!".



NOOB: Hey Sue, Can I touch your pussy after class?

SUE JR.: Why don't you go shove a Roblox Battle super ball your ass you mother fucker?

WILLIAM: Hello, My name is William Wee Wee and you all suck!

MR. VAN DE GRAFF: What the hell is wrong with you kids?! I guess my next lesson will about abortions. Let's all try this again: My name is--


[John Cena theme plays]

MR. VAN DE GRAFF: Who the fuck are you? I don't want any go testicles; Die.