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Eileen Dickenson is a smart/optimistic teen that likes reading books and solving problems and getting essays done. She browsed in the library as Miles was reading a pornographic comic calling Alex a "Sicko" and Eileen got suspicious.


"Your brother sure is a bad seed."

-From the Comix Minis Season 8 episode That's Not Red Bull, as she's talking about Miles' brother.


  • Her look is similar to Steven Universe, meaning that she's cool with it.
  • She doesn't know very much English as she knows Italian (Considering the fact Italian is her native language).
  • She was the first character Sophia Damiano voiced.


Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day

Likes: Books, Mystery, Steven Universe

Dislikes: Baby Books

Comix Minis Appearances:

Season 8

Season 9

  • Siamo Innamorati, Eileen!
  • Sleeping Distraction... Yet Again!