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It's Samantha's birthday today! So Me, Her and her bestest friends have some dinner. I take turns eating the according foods and Samantha takes bites.


Alexander tells his wife Samantha "Happy Birthday" and Samantha is pleased about it. So Alexander hired a temporary Butler to serve them dinner. Once the butler brings the food to the table, He also tells Samantha "Happy Birthday" as well.

First thing Alexander demonstrates eating:

A Taquito he used to be addicted to. Samantha says that it's "Unique" and Alexander takes the bite and now it's Samantha's turn. She says "Not bad".

Second thing Alexander demonstrates eating:

A soup called "Minestrone". Samantha is kinda skeptical about eating it because she thinks "It looks like diarrhea after a really bad night". Alexander thinks she's taking crap about his food but Finniette tells him to eat already; So Alexander did. Once again, Samantha's turn; taking a slurp of it and has the same opinion as the Taquito.

Final thing Alexander demonstrates eating:

A pile of Fettuccine pasta. Samantha gets suspicious and asks "Do I have to eat the whole thing by once?". Alexander answered "Yes". And Samantha gets a little bit afraid asking why Alexander would have to make her do this because she suspects to choke on the pasta. Hashbrown begs Samantha to not eat the whole thing and Samantha obeys Hashbrown. But Alexander ignored it and shouted "Just eat the whole thing!". Finally, Samantha decides not to. Alexander demonstrates first to eat the whole pile of pasta and thinks "How a real man does it". Suddenly, He began to start choking and wheezing on the pasta and the girls got scared and don't know what to do until Finniette threw her shoe at Alex's stomach and the pasta shot out of Alex's throat.



  • This episode was dedicated to a TRF member Samantha Hayla's 42nd birthday.
  • The time Alexander choked on the pasta was also based off of the situation in real life during spaghetti for dinner.