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Talya gets dumped by Pacifico and she goes through sorrow...


Classic is wondering why Talya's room is messy; It's because Talya is packing up because she's having a sleepover with Pacifico. A blue Corvette parks in the driveway and Paul and Iskinder gets suspicious thinking that it's the grim reaper; but it's just Pacifico waiting for Talya. Talya approaches Pacifico asking if she wanted to stay with Pacifico but he shook his head which caused Talya to bawl her eyes out running in the house. She looks at a picture of her and Pacifico together while crying. Quin gets home and realizes Talya's been dumped and she proceeds to hug her trying to comfort her. At dinner time, Alice made some meat loaf and serves it to Talya. Talya realizes that she had meatloaf with Pacifico on a few dates and begins crying again. Seaborn got infuriated because he is annoyed by Talya's crying and Alexander tried to reassure Seaborn in success. Hours later, Talya sits on the couch crying as along came Laverne to come and talk to her. Laverne talks to Talya of ways she can stop crying by "Holding it in". Talya tried it and it's working. Laverne also told her a guy that's interested in Talya which is Camden and she accepted it. Talya came home with Camden in a calm mood and Quin greets Camden.


  • Pacifico's car is a 1995 Corvette Stingray (C4).
    • Goof: His car is shown as a 4-door car rather than a 2-door car.
  • It seems that Laverne has been through the worst divorce back in the days.
  • The TRF pic of Talya and Pacifico together was done by Darren A. Nichols.
  • This is the only episode to have Mortensen voice Camden.