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Talya's mom gets bailed out from prison after 13 years!


Talya is feeling sad and worried as she misses her mother ever since she was sent to prison after the murder of her husband. Hours later, Paul and Iskinder watch a game of bowling and is depending on the player who's getting strikes in bowling. Suddenly, Talya screams happily and runs into the living room announcing that her mom is being bailed out of prison. When the time is 14:00, A Taxi Cab parks by the curb and Doreen is so happy to see Talya again. She also sees Iskinder and he begins to feel embarrassed and infatuated at the same time. They also began to come inside; Doreen wants to live with the gang as Paul feels resentful over it. Talya told him that she'll clean up after herself and Paul finally accepts it.



  • This episode marks the first of several things
    • The first episode to have Dee Lanie voice Quin.
    • The first episode to have an intro.
    • The first Comedy Mix media to have renovated assets.
  • This is the only CM episode where Dee voices Doreen.
  • 14:00 is 2:00 PM in Military time.
  • The taxi cab is the same car that ran over Noob in Noob Dies (Comix Unlimited).


  • When Doreen exits the taxi, the taxi's wheels are still moving despite the taxi stopped.
  • Marty Marler was born on 1972, not 1969.