You don't wanna know what's gonna happen..


Classic's biggest fear is being sent to prison and being raped. Classic is in the shower in prison and he dropped the soap by accident and began to cry. Along came Black Noob and he said "You think you're gonna leave it down there?" and Classic said "NO!". and he said "I'm finished!" and Black Noob said "Naw Nigga! You ain't finished; I've been watching you! and Classic said "You have?" and Black Noob said "You haven't even washed behind yo back!" and Classic said "But I did!" and Black Noob said "Look at how all clean I am! NOW PICK UP THE SOAP!!" and Classic picks it up and it was just a bad dream.


Songs Used:

Black Vortex by Kevin Macleod

Bar Crawl by JR Tundra

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