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Delanie L. Broadhead is Alexander's spoiled, bitter, and corrupt older sister. Her and Alexander did not get along with each other much ever since they were children. A decade later, Their relationships are back to normal ever since she found a man named "Gentry". So she pays more attention to Gentry more than Alexander not interrupting him. On June 2019, She began to move out of the house and moving into her own apartment with Gentry and his younger brother Wade. So after that, Alexander is starting to feel independent in his room.


  • Her surname "Broadhead" came from an ex husband named "Andrew" since August 18th, 2017. So her maiden name is "Mortensen".
  • She was the 1st pale character depicted.
  • She used to be bisexual in 2011.
  • She tells Alexander to stop cussing yet she cusses which is part of her hypocrisy.
  • Sometimes, She gets overprotective over Alexander.
  • Alexander admits to his friends that she's a "Psycho".


Favorite Holiday: Halloween

Loves: PS4, Hip Hop, Cats, Fashion

Hates: Feet

Favorite Season: Fall

The Data Crew (Series) Appearances:

Era 1

  • Troops (Debut)

Era 2

  • Cake and Ice Cream (Silent)