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Darren A. Nichols (mostly known as Pip Pip) (born September 25, 2000) is an infamous 21-year old YouTuber and was also a co-founder of LMNB, Inc., co-runner of Comix Minis from 2020 to late 2021, as well as a fan of The Jungle Forest Gang and The Data Crew. One of his talents is voice acting, as he voiced various Comix Minis characters including Zayden and Akihiro, as well as more characters in future episodes. He later confirmed in a community post on his channel that he would be joining the cast in Season 9. He also animated extended scenes of some Comix Minis media, such as Ladder Golf, and also animated some episodes starting with the season 9 episode Spicy Ramen.

Characters Voiced (Season 9):

Episodes Animated:

Extended Cuts


Internet incidents

On January 8, 2021, Nichols went after Katie Melany for spoiling Zack: The Movie: The Vengeance of Derek twice. MJ the Spirit and GoMultiverseLegacy394 attempted to stop the fight, but Nichols dwelled on it and pulled a suicide card, which resulted in him getting placed in timeout in the live chat twice. He was also demoted from the GGU Creative Department shortly thereafter.

On January 16, 2021, Nichols released a video on his channel showing Bill Jensen and a few others at the car wash which originally came from one of Jensen's stories on Instagram. The part that made it controversial was when Nichols placed laughing emojis in the title and description. In result, several LMNB employees called him out for it. Nick Fischer (also known as Brony T. Pony) posted about Nichols' actions on his YouTube community page (those posts have since been removed). The following day, LMNB released a statement on their Twitter page apologizing for Nichols' behavior and informed that he's talking with an online counselor to help fix his behavior. Three days later after the incident, all Bill Jensen talk was permanently banned from LMNB and all of its other affiliated servers.


  • He was the second person to animate a Comedy Mix episode.


  • Hatred against Muslims, Asians, African Americans, Mentally Disabled people
  • Grooming children under the age of consent (12 - 15)
  • Resisting Criticism
  • Theft of other people's ideas
  • Tampering with other's communities including the JFG/TDC Community.
  • Hypocrisy
  • Suicide Attempt
  • Excessive quotings from his enemies
  • Past Dwelling
  • Making alt accounts and raiding
  • Complaining about running late to streams