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Daniel Paul Lyons, also known as Danny the Irrefutable and DLE, abbreviation for Daniel Lyons Entertainment, and known by his fursona mascot Danny Cat (born August 18, 2000), is an American animator and YouTuber who is best known as the creator of The Rodfellows, as well as his remake of the 1999 animated Weston Woods adaptation of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, which is his most watched video to date on his YouTube channel. He also designs logos and fonts.

Characters Voiced:


  • He has been a partner of Alexander since 2018.
  • Since 2020, his partners also include Darren A. Nichols and Marshall Bourne.
  • He first founded his company DLE Corporation on September 19, 2013 under the name StoryChoice 102.
  • He, along with Alexander, Darren, and Marshall formed the Lyons/Mortensen/Nichols/Bourne partnership company in May 2020.


Sexual misconduct

On February 16, 2021, After the Life of Danny Cat script was finished, the polygamy in the script of the short film was shown, in which it featured Dan with multiple wives, and it also featured him sexualizing a 17-year-old character despite Dan being 20 years old. This led to him facing a ton of negative criticism and backlash due to the pedophilic and polygamist nature of the project, due to the concept of him having multiple wives and technically sexualizing a minor. Several users including Issac Wykes, Lyric West, Sam A. Webster, Roszina Head, Nick Fischer, and Keebie Palmer begin to cut ties with Dan P. Lyons over polygamy which is illegal and wanted the film to be cancelled. Christian Payne, on the other hand, was very infuriated by this and also posted about Lyons' actions on Twitter. As the result, the film was cancelled by Darren A. Nichols on March 8, 2021 and the public service announcement about polygamy was released on both LMNB and Peppermint City Entertainment YouTube channels on March 22, 2021.