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Paul decides to get a new hair style.


Paul is asleep until 9:00 AM as the alarm goes off and he smashes his alarm clock because his least favorite band plays. Paul had in mind that he'll get a new hairstyle as a "Curl" and heads to Phillop to tell him and ask him who would do it for him. Phillop answers as Ruthie to curl Paul's hair and Paul accepts the offer. When Paul sits on the chair, Ruthie begins to curl his hair. The results are: He actually LOVES his new hair style. Hours later, He was gonna show his new hair style to his wife Quin but, Quin was worried because she wants Paul to have more time with her by wanting him to sleep with her, be with her, make her food, etc. Paul then gives a positive answer about what Quin says and they both kiss.


  • This episode mentioned the Comix Minis Season 4 episode Phillop's New Look.
  • The alarm clock song is called "John The Fisherman" by Primus.
  • This episode shows Paul's hatred on Primus.
  • The alarm clock sound can be heard from the 2007 Data Crew cartoon "Let's Go Fishing".