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This page contains Spoilers and some that may traumatise you.

Comix Minis Season 11 is the 11th season of the Comix Minis series.


  • It has been confirmed that the assets will undergo a complete overhaul for this season.
  • This is the first season where a cast member who previously left returned.


Name: Sex: Episode Debuted: Year Established:
Allie There He Goes (Silent) 2021
Reverend Mario Dickenson Is Anybody Home? 2022
Oakley Is Anybody Home? 2021
Leslie Classic Crashes a Party 2021
Harper All We Want 2022
Hazel All We Want 2022


No. of Episode (In Season) No. of Episode (Overall) Name of Episode Release Date
1 303 There He Goes March 23rd, 2022
2 304 Is Anybody Home? April 16th, 2022
3 305 Am I Invisible? April 23rd, 2022
4 306 Straight To DVDerp May 7th, 2022
5 307 Classic Crashes a Party May 22nd, 2022
6 308 All We Want June 13th, 2022
7 309 Don't Get Your Hopes Up
8 310 Movie Riot 3
9 311 Straight Outta Tokyo
10 312 Attaboy